ŌSHAN group is an international business consulting service that specializes in market research, business planning, marketing strategy, and business development. We guide private companies and public organizations in defining and focusing on goals that are realistic and achievable. Our extensive experience in the US, Latin America, and Asia enables us to work with you to create actionable strategies and assist you with implementation.


Benefit from the knowledge of professionals who know how to:  

• Apply the principles of good business;  

• Grow and strengthen market share and positioning;  

• Deliver projects on-time and on-budget.


Our Advisors

Seasoned and Experienced Trust Advisors

ŌSHAN group's highly skilled and experienced partners understand your culture and challenges. It consistently and reliably produces tangible and sustainable results for clients in government and corporation in the US, Latin America and Asia.

Getúlio Jeff Santos

Jeff has been advising senior management on Latin America, Japan, and US market trends, negotiating cross- border representation agreement for strong market penetration and client relationship since 2010. Prior to ŌSHAN group, he was the CEO of  Brazilian Specialty Foods, a food company supplying major US foodservice distributors. The many years Jeff spent immersed in the cultures of South America, USA and the one year he lived in Japan gives him a singular understanding of trading and marketing to different ethnicities. He received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He is a native Portuguese speaker and is fluent in English and Spanish. 

Thomas F. Schmiedigen

Thomas is a business consultant in the development of new markets in the retail insurance and financial industry. 

He served as Director of AIG in Argentina and CEO of MassMutual International. 

He holds an MBA from HEC Paris School of Management and is fluent in French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Thomas has in-depth knowledge of consumer retail behavior and the management of multi-unit distribution channels.

He trained, developed, and guided a number of recognized, successful sales teams.

In building operations, he has also engineered several mergers and acquisitions both in the US and abroad.

Dr. Elena Mancini

Elena is a passionate, creative Public Relations Professional / Journalist / Educator with a diverse range of experiences and impressive achievements crossing multiple industries, i.e., Communications, Media, Academia, Internet & Social Media, Non-Profit. She combines sound time and resource management skills to implement strategies to build buzz, educate, communicate complexities in a simplified form, and lead companies  to achievement.  She has published numerous cultural and literary texts. Elena holds a Ph.D. in German studies from Rutgers University. She is fluent in Italian and German. 

Hiroko Onishi

Hiroko is a talented marketing and sales professionals. She works with multinational firms entering the US market focusing on finding new clients and promoting new products. Hiroko negotiation skills constantly help Asian clients and associations to mitigate miscommunication and establish common international ground.  She started her career in the advertising industry and over the years she has built an extensive network in the Japanese media and marketing community in the US. Her natural public speaking ability enables successful sales presentations to individuals or large groups. Hiroko is a board member of a Japanese Regional Association in New York. She has a B.A. in Rhetoric and Communications at The State of New York at Albany. She is fluent in Japanese and English.

Claúdio Abreu

Claúdio is a strategic consultant for commodity producers that are seeking to develop a direct export market: Advising businesses on global strategies and structuring commercial transactions, creating export strategies for producers of ethanol/sugar and crude oil. Developing investment plans for potential investors who are targeting businesses in Brazil, leveraging joint ventures, direct investments and M&A opportunities. Claudio grew up in Minas Gerais, Brazil and graduated in Civil and Economic Enginnering at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica of Belo Horizonte. He holds an MBA from the American University at Washington DC. He is a glider aficionado and is constantly flying along the Appalachian Mountains.

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