ŌSHAN group Services


Positioning & Branding

Which Should You Focus On? Positioning is the foundation for which you establish your brand in the long-term. You can control your “positioning” by creating a unique selling proposition and using it in all your advertising. Over time, as people become aware of your products and services, you start building your brand in your prospects’ and customers’ minds. ŌSHAN group can assist you in positioning your product first and branding it later. Branding takes time, consistency and money to develop. Regardless of your marketing budget, start with positioning. Look at all the features and benefits your products and services provide. Then, select the top benefit people receive when they buy from you. In other words, what is the most important emotional benefit they receive after they use their product or the service is delivered? What is the outcome or result? That’s what you want to use to position your products and services.


Consumer Insights

Market Research has come a long way since the days when focus groups and surveys were the only way to understand consumers. While both methodologies still have their place in the modern market research world, a host of advanced methodologies and technologies are available to help companies truly understand their consumers. Average your partner's experience, consider all the methodologies and be a forward thinker. Look for a research partner who can utilize in-person methodologies, remote research with real-time customers (both satisfied and unsatisfied), and examine analytics and other reports at your disposal. This provides a 360-degree picture of your current customer's experience that will dig deeper in these methodologies to identify key insights about whose needs you aren’t meeting, and whose needs you may meet in the future.


Pricing Strategy

One of the challenges that companies face while entering a new market is defining the right price and pricing of their offering to be competitive and successful in the market. In B2B area, there aren't any wide research on pricing issues that companies face in the markets that they are planning to enter and the effects of business relations on pricing. ​ŌSHAN group assists its clients to implement the right pricing strategy while entering new markets and defining the right pricing behavior in B2B environment. The right strategy enables companies to understand the dynamics of B2B environment covering buyer-supplier and distributors relations and providing pricing models for companies to be a competitive player.


Marketing Planning

Marketing planning has become increasingly tricky in a “multi-channel” world. Developing a go-to-market strategy that most effectively and efficiently impacts your target when there are myriad ways to communicate with them–if they let you–requires a more rigorous process. We designed our marketing planning services to translate the strategy for “going after” a target into powerful tactical decisions. Whether you have a new product or service, or an established one, the end result of a marketing planning engagement is a recommendation for a plan–one based on meticulous knowledge of the relationship between inputs and desired outputs–that will achieve your sales and profit objectives.


Lectures & Events

ŌSHAN group is committed to organizing extraordinary events that ensure you gets ROI on the back end. Pre and Post event planning are crucial. "Marketers who consider the show to be the main event are making a big mistake," said Ruth P. Stevens, president of consultancy eMarketing Strategy and author of "Trade Show and Event Marketing." "Preshow promo and postshow follow-up are two of the areas that have the best leverage." Preshow planning helps marketers not only draw a crowd to the booth but also target the best prospects in that crowd. Postshow planning provides a strategic means to manage and nurture leads generated during the show. Together these strategies move marketers toward their real goal: return on investment.


Business Development

Good business development allows businesses to profit by doing something that is tangential to their core mission. Sometimes the profit is so good, it becomes part of their core mission. Other times it supports the brand and sometimes it just makes money. And often it's a little guy who can be flexible enough to make things happen. Examples: Starbucks licenses its name to a maker of ice cream and generates millions in royalties.  Best Buy offers extended warranties on the appliances you buy. They don't provide the warranty, of course, a business development person did a deal with an insurance/service company to do it and they share the profit. The fact that makes business development fascinating is that the best deals have never been done before. There's no template, no cookie cutter-grind-it-out approach to making it work. This is why most organizations are so astonishingly bad at it. They don't have the confidence to make decisions or believe they have the ability to make mistakes. ŌSHAN group partners have developed business from the ground up and have large experience in business development, they will look your business from a different perspective and offer you useful insights to your products internationally and some new ideas may be used domestically as well.